We are an Interdisciplinary Therapeutic Center that operates with the CET Methodology and with outpatient clinics. The center is endorsed by community leaders and remains in constant contact with the needs of the schools and the community.

As we are founded on the idea that the place must be cozy, supporting and educational, we propose a space whose MISSION is to focus on the education and treatment of children, contributing to their growth and development.  

Our VISION is that children manage to be as autonomous as possible, promoting the development of their abilities, so they can overcome their limitations and reach their maximum potential.

We promulgate VALUES based on the support of both the children and the family considering their individual condition. For us each child is unique, hence we respect their tastes, times and possibilities.

Regarding our WORKING METHOGOLOGY, it consists of a specialized evaluation of each child, in which we detect their motor, communicative and intellectual disabilities. Then we verify which elements and techniques are the most favorable for each patient in order to achieve their maximum development. At the end of this evaluation, we elaborate a treatment program and a work plan for the families and therapists.   


Therapeutic Center – CET

The center is founded on an Individualized Education Program (I.E.P) that consist of continuous evaluations. Some of the working areas are communication, socialization, personal autonomy, self-reliance and functional cognitive abilities, among others.

This therapeutic device is an option for people with disabilities, who cannot access a common school or a special education school due to their behavior and learning times.

The main objective is that patients acquire the necessary tools to be included in a system of systematic education, whether common or special.


External OFFICES

We assist children in their development, autonomy and social skills.

These are the areas covered by our staff of therapists:

We have patient students from schools in the Jewish school network such as: Toratenu, Scholem, Talpiot, Ohlei Jinuj, Shuba Israel, Bet El, Natang Gesang, Bereshit y Hejal HaTora.



MULTISENSORY ENVIRONMENT: This treatment consists of a global intervention which allows patients to receive, through sensory stimuli, a sense of well-being caused by stimulation or relaxation. One of the objectives of the Snoezelen space is to help patients use their senses, so they can live sensory experiences.



It consists of a personalized program of physical and intensive strengthening for children and adults with neuromotor disorders. It focuses on people who are diagnosed with neurological disorders, such as cerebral palsy, developmental delay, and traumatic brain injuries.

The key element is a strengthening program based on the individual needs, strengths and weaknesses of each patient. The increase in strength is reflected in the daily functional activities, that are usually combined with strengthening exercises. It is an intensive and specific exercise program, which focuses on the elimination of pathological reflexes and replacing them with new, correct and functional movement patterns. This structured program improves the growth and development of each patient.

TheraSuit, thanks to its construction and improvements creates a breathable soft dynamic orthotic. Through a system of elastic bands, it allows the patient’s body to be aligned as normally as possible. This posture realignment and the proper functioning of the muscles allow the re-education of movement patterns.

Comments from the families

“I'm very happy with my daughter's treatment. She can do things that she couldn’t before, such as tying her hair up or recognizing herself in the mirror. She is more independent. Her achievements motivate her, and they assist and accompany her a lot.​“

Mother of a girl, who attends various therapies in outpatient clinics.

“He is more conscious. He looks me in the eye and pays more attention. He is more playful. I love it...”

Mother of a 4-year-old child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), who attends cognitive behavioral therapy and occupational therapy.

“My wife and I were very distressed and without much idea of how to deal with the situation of our 2-year-old son. They assisted us as a family. I feel very supported.”

Father of a 2-year-old child, who was recently diagnosed with a developmental disability.

"We tried many treatments in other countries, and we contacted excellent professionals. We never thought we would find a place that rises to the occasion, such as Mitoj Alev. They are very professional; therapists are prestigious and committed to each treatment."

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